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Our Services 

Guardian Security is a one stop solution for all of your security needs. We can provide your business, organization, or association with fully trained and equipped police officers and security specialists anywhere in the Bluegrass Region.  Our leadership team has many years of experience in military, law enforcement, and private sector security operations.  When you compare us to the competition, the difference becomes obvious.


Unarmed Security Specialists

Here at Guardian, there is nothing "basic" about our services.  Our Unarmed Security Specialists are highly trained to provide top notch unarmed security services.  These security professionals are experts in their field.  We leverage technology to share information with you in real time, day or night.  You will be able to monitor exactly when, where, and what our professionals patrolled and inspected during their shift giving you the peace of mind you signed up for.

Police Security

Sworn Police Security


We provide the finest Kentucky has to offer in security.  By only using sworn police officers to fulfill these contracts, we can offer well trained and experienced security with the ability to enforce the law at a moments notice.  This helps to ensure your safety, your guests' safety, and your property's safety.

Event Security

Event Security

Our Event Security Staff have experience with all sorts of venues from large sporting events, fairs and festivals, to silent auctions.  Let us put our experience to work providing you with the absolute best security so you can get back to planning the rest of the details.

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